Lately Jay Z has been getting hit with lawsuits left and right. One of the many lawsuits he is facing stems back to 2007 and is still playing out.

Radar Online reports that the Brooklynite is refusing to participate in a deposition regarding a lawsuit for a sample used in his 2000 hit “Big Pimpin.” Now the man that is suing him is asking the judge that Jay Z be deposed.

Osama Ahmed Fahmy claims that Hov sampled a song of his uncle’s, Baligh Hamdy, named “Khosara Khosara” and violated the licensing to the track when he sampled it for the UGK-assisted track, which was produced by Timbaland.

Jay Z and his label have stated that they obtained the proper license to use the sample and are innocent in this case. On June 25, Fahmy filed court documents urging the court to order Jigga and Timbaland to be questioned in a deposition.

Fahmy is seeking to receive a portion of the revenue received for the song prior to the lawsuit up until now and Jay Z's concert profits as well. The court has not decided as of yet.

Photo Credit: Getty Images