One of the main entertainers that supported our first black president is at odds. Diddy calls out President Obama.

Ferguson, Missouri is in dire need of an intervention. As the standoff between the towns civilians and its arguably corrupt police force gets tenser, those who haven't gone down to support or report have been fearfully watching their LCD screens. Celebrities have been increasingly using their mouthpieces to shine a light on the ills happening on American soil.

Although President Obama addressed the turmoil in two separate press conferences—one of which occurred yesterday—many feel that he has not fully invested himself in alleviating the crisis. One of those people is Diddy.

The Revolt TV mogul took to Instagram to personally deliver a call to action to America's Commander in Chief. "This shit ain't right," he said while watching the live stream in the background. "Obama, for real, get on a plane. It's serious. These are your people, baby."

Watch Diddy's full code red response on VIBE.