Lifetime has been having difficulty with scoring a leading actress to play Aaliyah in the upcoming biopic, but that isn’t stopping the story from being told. Recently, the singers’ family has been working on an independent project for their beloved Aaliyah. For the fans that are not interested in the Lifetime film, you will be excited to hear that the family, in collaboration with Zane author, is cooking up their own movie for the legendary songstress.

Singer B. Simone is set to play the role of Aaliyah and there are rumors that Terrence Howard and Wood Harris might be possible co-stars for the big screen film. Regardless of the turn out, it is good to see that Aaliyah’s family is finally comfortable and onboard with a project.

Vixens, are you here for the text edition of the Aaliyah biopic?

Photo Credit(s): Getty Images