Can't we all just get along? The latest hip hop beef apparently dictates otherwise. Chicago-bred rapper Fredo Santana's new record with fellow city native Lil Reese perfectly sums up his feelings towards any and all opposition. On the homicide-happy "Go To War"—which will appear on DJ Bandz’ upcoming project—Santana makes a true to life nod to Cam'Ron's killa season. While there's no technical mention of Migos in the lyrics, the song comes right in the midst of a mini war with the ATL trio.

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Judging by all his words exchanged in GBE's brewing beef with Migos, Fredo already made it quite clear he hasn't a single problem doing a little (or more) time for catching a body (Reese, however, made sure to say he's taking no part of this squabble). Listen to the aggressive record below.

Photo Credit: Instagram