Chris Rock’s latest comedic offering, Top Five – in which he writes, directs and stars – is his best work to date. Great, now that that’s out of the way...

Sprinkled with a host of brilliant cameos from the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Cedric The Entertainer, Adam Sandler, Kevin Hart, Tracy Morgan and more, the film is an exercise in “expect the unexpected.” Complete with a sense of humor that borders on “I see what he did there,” and “what the hell did i just witness,” Top Five finds Rock in the funniest shape of his life. And after feasting our eyes on it, the VIBE staff gathered ‘round our computers for a good ‘ole group chat.

Editor-in-Chief Jermaine Hall, Editor-at-Large John Kennedy, Associate Editor Adelle Platon, Social Media Manager Christine Imarenezor and News Editor Iyana Robertson all hit their keyboards with commentary on Top Five – and of course, we named our top five rappers (and singers) to top things off.

Flip through to see what we had to say.