Columbus Short has had a rough 2014, and hopefully the new year is bringing new beginnings for the former Scandal star. The actor-turned-singer has released a video for his debut single titled "Burning Bridges," an allusion to his detrimental past decisions.

Hosted by Yahoo! Music, Columbus shows us a more stable and vulnerable side to him, channeling energy into a heart-felt soliloquy of future promises, to the masses and to himself. Though he recognizes he keeps burning bridges, his breakthrough comes at the end when he realizes that all he needs is love to overcome the turmoils at hand.

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Short was a regular on Shonda Rhimes’ hit series for three consecutive seasons before drug use and controversy led to his exit. Domestic abuse charges were on his tail, and the cut from Scandal and suicide death of his close friend Lee Thompson Young, were the cherry on top. Last December, he admitted to using cocaine to try and balance out the lows going on around him.

"I just lost myself back then,” he said on Access Hollywood Live.

After deciding to leave Los Angeles to collect himself, it's only been a month and it seems as though things are coming into perspective for Short. Watch his new “Burning Bridges” video above. –– Olivia Jade Khoury