While you were eagerly counting down until the New Year, Kanye West was equally setting his own timer for the release of his Paul McCartney-assisted track "Only One," but The Beatles pioneer wasn't the only person who provided additional inspiration to the personal song. During the first draft stages of piecing the soundscape together with McCartney on the keyboards and Ye scatting off sentences and ideas, the Windy City native encountered an outer-body experience in the studio. With a room full of his family members and baby North sitting on his lap listening to the playback of the song, Yeezy admired his first born and said, "Hello, my only one . . . " but this next detail frames the grab-the-kleenex moment.

The 37-year-old recalls those four words he initially uttered were in fact spoken through him by his late mother, Dr. Donda West. "My mom was singing to me, and through me to my daughter," he revealed. The small gathering in the room seemed perplexed at first when the "Hey Mama" rapper shared that he felt her presence right then and there, and further explained that the title of the melody shares the meaning of his headlining name. As that information began to sink in, it dawned on those select few who witnessed Yeezy's creative process that his music is indeed deeper than rap and his stream of subconsciousness produces greatness and reflective nostalgia like "Only One."

We can look forward to more joint projects to come between Kanye and Sir McCartney in 2015, and hopefully more background stories like this as well to get fans prepared for the second coming of Yeezus with his imminent new album. Photo Credit: Inez and Vinoodh