Russell Tyrell Jones. We know him as Osirus, Ol' Dirty Bastard, ODB. The late and great rapper from Wu-Tang Clan is sending some funky vibes from his "1-900 line" up above. The OG and founding member of the Clan was known for his eccentric personality, half singing-half rapping technique, under the influence persona, advocacy for welfare, and of course, his thirteen children.

Under all of the philosophic mumbling and misunderstood hood proverbs, the love for ODB became undeniable right after the launch of his solo career in 1995, when the world was officially introduced to Osirus. His long-term struggle with drugs and legal issues created an aura of wonder around the rap artist, and continued to avalanche in his post-humous career. A drug overdose in 2004 led him to his physical death, but his legacy continues to shimmy-shimmy-ya within rap culture and the industry. teamed up with MTV and unearthed an obscure and never-before-seen interview with Ol' Dirty Dirty in 1997. Entertaining and utterly confusing at points, there is no choice but to smile and laugh at the late rapper's talk of his love for the "children of the universe," his adored baby mother and the metaphor of Moses and the Red Sea for divorce (yeah, it took us a while, too.) Here are some excepts:

On Fatherhood:
"The kids – how many kids do I have? Well, all the kids in the world is mine, so I can’t count how many kids I’ve got. All the children in the universe is mine, everywhere, you know what I mean? But it’s just – hey, the kids love Dirty, you know what I mean? Every time they see Dirty they smile, you know what I mean? And that’s automatically made dirty smile, you know what I mean? Make me want to get on my knees and play Lego blocks with them and everything, so it’s all good"

"I’m there as much as I can be, you know what I mean? I see them, I talk to them on the regular. I mean, they crazy about their dad, there’s no doubt about it, and their dad is crazy about them too. They all look like me, little bad asses"

On Backing Away From Drugs:
"When I heard really that Otis Redding had crashed into that sea. That’s my main man, nah, just bullshitting. It was just – you know what I’m saying, I ain’t gonna say that, you know, it’s just – I learned that it’s not the move, you know what I mean? That ain’t the move where it’s time to have a straight point, straight ahead. You know what I mean? We’re doing things because that’s like that’s life, it’s serious. You know what I mean? You ain’t here, you don’t which way...what will..but loose. You know? So I know I’ve got to be here. And as far as all that alcohol and drug stuff, I advise ya’ll not to mess with it. And you hear from Dirty, take it as is. I ain’t saying – I’m just giving advice, that’s all. Like I give myself that same advice"

On Communicating With Fans:
"I see it like this. It’s a new world order, you know what I mean? And one must adapt to that, you know? Or the penalty is the penalty, for real. I mean, I’m trying my best to adapt to all things, you know what I mean? It ain’t nothing like yeah, it’s new, word. And I advise that for anybody, you know? Control your emotions, you know? Because oh, it cause a lot of off-balance and things are not supposed to be always balanced, so it can spin you know what I mean? And I don’t know man, I just say that, man, word. But if anybody ever need my thoughts, ya'll know how to catch me. What’s my 1-900 line? Well next time when I come on ya’ll see my 900 line. Just go look in the Wu-Tang album cover, you will see my 1-900 line. Call me up, I will change the message too, so we can conversate more. Children, I love ya’ll, all right? Keep your head up"

Watch the interview over on Genius to see the charming, comedic ODB discuss his ideals on love, potential plans for music in retrospect, and his advice on alcohol and drug use. Though sporting an unattainable understanding on the surface, the gems being dropped remain evident in his slurred and sweet monologues. Long live the Dirty King.

Photo Credit: Getty Images