Only a few hours into 2015 and we already have a racist scandal on our hands. A former Revlon employee is claiming he was fired December 10th after raising concerns about the consistent racist comments towards Blacks, Jews, and Americans made by CEO/ President Lorenzo Delpani (pictured above far right)  who is Italian. Alan Meyers is Jewish and  stated he has been a Revlon employee since 2010 and was being treated differently than Spanish and Italian employees for being American-born, in the lawsuit he accuses Revlon of firing him for retaliation and discrimination. Meyers accused Delpani of saying  Americans were "small-minded" and "dirty,"  and saying"Jews stick together" while discussing the lack of Jewish executives within the company.

Kiki Rees is Revlon's spokesperson who says  Meyers was a disgruntled employee that  "repeatedly demonstrated critical lapses in judgment and failed to perform at the high standard we demand of our employees."

Revlon released a statement saying, "We will aggressively fight these baseless claims and this frivolous action". And of course, Twitter is currently giving its opinions on this topic with the hashtag #ShadesOfRevlon, continue clicking to check out a few of the tweets.


Photo Credit(s): Instagram