A$AP was a giant in the streets of New York, with his global and virtual influence growing with each tweet and Tumblr post. Accredited with the founding of the A$AP Mob and the creative direction behind the brand, he was also known as an irrevocable genius, unifier and a brother. During the tribute segment of last weekend's Grammy Awards, Yams' picture graced the screen and the love resonated through cyberspace, keeping his spirit alive. Now, new merchandise—courtesy of his A$AP Mob bros—will also help preserve his memory.

As of today, pre-sale orders for R.I.P. Yams shirts have already begun. The black tee has two pictures of Yams and emulates the 90's style tour tee that has become popular. The tribute tee is available for pre-order and purchase on the A$AP website. Cop one for yourself and keep Yams alive.