Though A$AP Rocky and The Mob are still reeling from the death of the crew's founder, A$AP Yams, the group of brothers are determined to keep his name alive.

Laid to rest on January 25 at Manhattan's prestigious Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home, the influential figure amongst not only his own crew but for artists from all parts of the world, was just 26-years-old at the time of his death.

A$AP Mob's most visible member and shining star says he was too distraught to go inside the actual funeral service but did attend the burial.

"I was outside in the car -- in the sprinter van," A$AP Rocky reveals to VIBE about A$AP Yams' funeral. "Nobody knew I was there. I just went to the burial in the snow. It was a snowstorm. That shit was disgusting outside. Damn near a blizzard."

Through his heartache, Rocky remembers a touching moment before the family officially laid Yams to rest. "His moms wanted to go past his old block in Harlem right after the funeral," recalls the rapper. "So we going with the hearse and with all of the trucks. And when we got to the block, young dudes on the block in the winter time, in the snow storm, was paying respects, bowing and putting praying hands while [the hearse] went by. I'm talking about 19, 20-year-old Black kids. Right on 109th."

The current outpouring and overwhelming support from fans is a testament to the impact that A$AP Yams had on the next generation of rappers.

"I just want to express something," says A$AP Rocky. "The reason why a nigga like Yams gets so much love is because.. we ain't trying to shit on niggas. I'm the only conceited muthafucka. I'm just being honest. I always been conceited. That shit ain't nothing new. But the reason why I think he's getting so much love back is because he genuinely fucked with people. And not because he thought he could get something out of them or because he thought it benefited him."

"When you get money and you get a lot of money, money don't mean nothing anymore," says A$AP Rocky.

Flacko is scheduled to drop his sophomore album A.L.L.A later this year.

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