Case scrolls down memory lane with five throwback R&B videos

#ThrowbackThursday is a daily holiday for those stuck in the past. While pop culture junkies will be the first to cape for the '90s and early 2000s, artists who flourished in the beloved era will most likely do the same.

During a recent visit to VIBE HQ, Case revisited some of R&B's throwback visuals and performances, offering his own special commentary. Sift through flashbacks with the crooner below.

1. Donell Jones and Left Eye perform “U Know What’s Up” at the 2000 Soul Train Awards

Case Says: “I remember those pants, with the durag, the glasses, the shirt and the jacket. That nigga is burning up. (Laughs) He is hot as shit right now. The crazy part is that [wearing baggy outfits] didn’t seem like nothing then, but I’m trying to remember how we used to move around in those big ass pants. That used to mess me up, jumping on and off stage, when you about to bust your ass cause your pants are too big.”

2. Mya Feat. Dru Hill “It’s All About Me”

Case Says: “This video is funny as hell to me. Remember when hip-hop videos in 1987 started with niggas coming off stage and then they jumped in the limo? Yo, this video was always kind of weird to me. Like is he sitting there, watching her perform on stage? I don’t understand. I’ve never taken a girl from backstage to watch her sing on stage.”

3. Aaliyah performs “Hot Like Fire" at 1997 Summer Jam

Case Says: “That’s my girl right there! I did that Summer Jam in Oakland 'cause they do them all outside. She must have been opening 'cause that shit is empty as hell. I used to hate opening them shows. The other thing with doing those you be hot as hell 'cause the sun is out as well."

4. Carl Thomas "I Wish"

Case Says: “This was my joint when this came out. It was crazy because we were hanging out a couple of months before this. I didn’t know this was coming out. We used to do open mic joints and maybe about a month or so later, I heard it. I think I saved Carl from an ass whopping that day. We was in the car with somebody and I think his cell phone turned up missing. Then he tried to say Carl took it and I’m like, 'Nah, I know him. I know he didn’t take it.' Dude was ready to kill him."

5. Case "Happily Ever After"

Case Says: “Now that brings back memories. My daughter watches this all the time; she’s four. She asks me questions during the whole thing ‘Is that your hat?’ ‘Is that Beyoncé?’ ‘Did he bump into her?' I was cold as hell [the day of the shoot]. That was like at 10 in the morning. Nokio from Dru Hill was there and we were in the trailer, drinking jugs of Hennessy. We were looking for Visine [eye drops] when it was time to shoot. We were fucked up."

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