Were you scrolling through Jay Z’s catalog on Spotify and noticed a gaping hole? Yeah, that would be because his classic debut, Reasonable Doubt has been pulled. Chalk it up to Hov’s impending TIDAL takeover.

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One trend that has already proven to be a large part of Mr. Carter and company’s joint streaming service venture is exclusivity. With Beyonce dropping her intimate “Die With You” video, and Rihanna debuting her “American Oxygen” single, the strength of TIDAL’s wave will apparently lie in the star power of its owners. And in a turn of events that only makes sense, it seems the likes of Nicki Minaj, Usher, Alicia Keys, Coldplay and J. Cole will eventually take their catalogs away from their fiercest competitors.

No word on why Reasonable Doubt was the first to go, but don’t expect the pull-outs to slow down. It’s full steam ahead for TIDAL.