It does mean a thing if you don't got a ring.

Never one to hold her tongue, Nene Leakes is speaking out about her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars and dishes on who should be able to hold a Georgia peach. Earlier this week, Leakes, who is the only original member of the highest rated 'Housewives' franchise, stopped by Live With Kelly and Michael, spilling the tea on season 8 and changes in it's lineup – mainly of the unmarried women:

"I think that over the years the show has become very negative and there has been some people thrown in the mix that come negative and made the show negative so I think they should recast,” says NeNe. “I don’t mind if there’s one girl, maybe two girls, that aren’t married because it’s always great to see a single girl like dating and all that kind of stuff. But to have as many girls as we have on our show that aren’t married. I think we need to get rid of a couple.”

It's clear this was a shot at Kenya Moore and Claudia Jordan, whom she's had bitter beefs with on and off screen. But we're wondering if her new "rule" apply to her friends, newly divorced Porsha Williams and the soon-to-be divorced Phaedra Parks? Or does it only apply to her adversaries? Meanwhile, Mrs. Leakes was once an un-married woman on the show, when her and husband Greg Leakes divorced, and she remained a cast member and didn't speak out about unmarried women then – interesting.

Vixens, what are your thoughts? Is Nene throwing shade?