The Footaction Style Means Campaign is back for it’s fourth installment, but this time with the West Coast rapper Kid Ink. This series, highlights how style plays a major role within the hip-hop lifestyle, so who better to choose than this stylish California hit-maker.

VIBE had a chance to catch up with Kid Ink right before the release of the new Footaction Style Means installment, to get a full understanding on how fashion and style contributes to his image as an artist.

VIBE: In addition to your music, you're known for your personal style and of course, your body art. How would you define your personal style in your own words?
My fashion and style in my own words, I think has a lot to do with confidence. Confidence plays a lot in people’s fashion. I think trends change and things happen when real confident people make those decisions to play on things -- and be free with their creativity with style. Sometimes you’re like ‘how did that person pull that off’ and it really had to do with the person not really caring about what everyone thinks, and having that full confidence level to be themselves. I think from there, when people see that, it makes them feel like if they were to wear the same thing, they’ll have the same attitude and confidence!

Very true. So, how did you get involved with Footaction's Styles Means campaign?
Footaction approached me to be a part of their Style Means video series because they know I rep West Coast style. Style Means is all about how artists use style to help elevate their personal brands. We had a really cool theme for this video. I’m really into comic books, particularly the idea of Bruce Wayne vs. Batman, so the video we shot focuses on the fact that I embody both of those personalities – Bruce Wayne offstage and Batman on stage – and how I dress differently for each personality.

For me, just really getting into the idea of being able to show people a different side of Kid Ink’s lifestyle; not just on stage, but outside, when I’m NOT on the road. I’ve always tried to have a part of my career be relatable and show that even in the position that I am in, sometimes I’m still in regular stuff. And I think that’s kind of what the whole purpose of this is, and also giving that side of style and fashion. For me, it’s about going throughout the day, and how styles can change and how style is just for that moment of how you feel.

What are some of your favorite brands carried at Footaction?
I’m definitely a Jordan kid, and I’m definitely a Nike kid But of course, growing up I’ve gone through different phases where I was wearing my Shelltoes, and I’ve gone through different phases where I had my Reebok Classics.

For the most part I grew up being a Nike and Jordan kid. I’m definitely in that wave. As much as I try not to ride the bandwagon, I don’t just go for any Jordan’s or any Nike’s it’s definitely the ones that I like and vibe with more than anything.

Take me through three different outfit changes: Kid Ink on a regular NON-WORK DAY, Kid Ink going to meetings, and Kid Ink when he performs:

1. Definitely on a regular day, I’m wearing Nike shorts, cut-offs, or a skin graft tee shirt, some 14’s Jordan’s… a little more comfortable.

2. If I have meetings or going to see people it’s a little more of an upgrade; I might have a little more jewelry on, clean-cut shoes, and just making sure everything looks clean more than anything.

3. When it's stage time, I’m trying to wear something that no one else has on. When I go out, I’m feeling like the girl who doesn’t want to see another girl in a matching dress [Laughs]. I’m not trying to be the guy on stage and my number one fan has the same exact outfit as me. I’ve had it happen with the just the same hat on!

Video: Shot by Jesse Terrero

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