Amber Rose and her fine self, sporting a plum lip and a newly fresh platinum blond haircut, stopped by Big Boy's 92.3 to discuss her book How To Be A Bad Bitch (Simon & Schuster) and her slut walk, aimed at ending slut shaming and bringing attention to rape and sexual assault victims.

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The 31 year old--who is known for being candid--also spoke of her relationship with ex-husband Wiz Khalifa and told Big Boy the communication has improved and said they both agreed had they not been famous, they would've probably reconciled.

The bald head scallywag also said she's in no rush to remove her tattoo of her ex-hubby from her arm, but maintains if her future fiance has an issue with it, she'd oblige.

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Big Boy, unable to keep from focusing on Amber as she licked her lips, inquired about her dating life. Amber said if she doesn't break the ice, she won't get hollered at.

"Men are very afraid of me," Rose said. "Usually, I would make the first move because I do feel like a lot of guys just don't talk to me. Or they'll be like 'You're so beautiful, can I go on a picture with you?' and I'll be like 'Ugh! I'll never go on a date with you now."

But the one guy who wasn't afraid to get Amber's number was the Cleveland emcee, Machine Gun Kelly.

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"We're dating. We're just getting to know each other. He's just a real nice guy," she said. "He treats me really really nice and I have a blast with him.

Here more about MGK and Mutha's blossoming love affair below.

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