If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what one of The Muppets singing an Ol’ Dirty Bastard classic looks like, wonder no more.

Thanks to YouTube mashup artIst Adam Schleichkorn, the Internet now has the video we never knew we needed. Performed by Dr. Teeth, the frontman of The Muppet Show’s Electric Mayhem house band, ODB’s “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” serves as the soundtrack for the best one minute and 17 seconds you’ll spend today. Getting down on the keys, and belting out “Ooh baby, I like it raw,” Dr. Teeth just became the trillest Muppet alive (sorry Miss Piggy).

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Schleichkorn, the man behind “Mylo the Cat,” has also paired The Muppets with the Beastie Boys’ “So What’cha Want,” and Digital Underground’s “The Humpty Dance.” Feast your eyes on his latest creation here.

You’re welcome.