Over 500 students from around the country found themselves posted on billboards in Times Square, NYC on Wednesday (June 10) as a part of the #TimesSquareYearbook celebration by the Get Schooled Foundation. These students were among hundreds of applicants who submitted entries on how they identify and plan to reach their potential.

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With the help of Viacom and the Taco Bell Foundation, Get Schooled also presented students with $1,000 in scholarships, and a Q&A with the fast food chain's CEO Brian Niccol and "Post to Be" singer Omarion. Reporter Sway Calloway also hosted the event as students gained further inspiration to reach their goals from the panelists' stories.

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The day ended with catering by Taco Bell, a lip-sync battle, and a performance of "Post To Be" in which Maybach O invited the students to join him on stage.-- Kathryn E. Jones

— Get Schooled (@getschooled) June 10, 2015

Photo Credit: Get Schooled