A$AP Ant, a.k.a. YG Addie has come a long way since first joining the A$AP Mob in 2009. From meeting the group's founder A$AP Yams in New York to performing with Rocky at Coachella, the kid has earned his hip-hop stripes. Throw in appearances on Mob projects and a lengthy set of guest features, and he's now ready to release a solo mixtape to the masses.

While a release date for the official A$AP Mob album remains a mystery, Ant isn't pumping the brakes on his career. His older brother, DJ Nick, remains by his side as he works on new solo tracks. But the B-more native recently assured VIBE that his team still has Yams' vision in mind.

"Before Yams had passed, he left us the blueprints of how [A$AP Mob] should be. He left the blueprints for us, now it's up to us to live them out," Ant says. "Yams' mother had a dream [where] Yams had said, 'Tell [A$AP Lou] to look at something.' And that was the blueprints right there."

As the only member of the group to come from Baltimore, Addie really had to prove himself to the rest of the fellas. It was A$AP Yams who brought him into the fold, but it was Ant's own determination and hard work that earned him respect from the crew.

"I had to prove myself to A$AP Mob," remembers Ant about rolling with the squad. "I used to beg Rocky to perform "Coke & White B***hes," but I had to learn to be patient. It wasn't time for me to be on stage."

Stay tuned for more from A$AP Ant.

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