Model Joan Smalls is collaborating high-end skincare, makeup, fragrance and hair care brand Estée Lauder for a lipstick collection.

More than just your regular lippie, Smalls' line will include twelve vibrant, supersaturated shades that are matte. And no worries, the matte formula is the best quality that "feels creamy rather than dry and flaky." "I’m very hands-on when I’m involved with something,” she told Vogue. Consumers can look forward to swiping cool colors like "Neon Azalea (an effervescent pink), Commanding (a black cherry pigment, its name chosen by her Instagram followers), and two takes on statement purple: Extrovert (a spot-on eggplant) and Shameless Violet, which bears striking resemblance to that gala-tested shade."



According to Joan, for a gal to be able to pull off such bold colors, all it takes is confidence. “It’s all about self-expression. Just go with your heart and your mood. If you don’t want to go as bold, pat it down with a tissue and use it as a tint,” she advises. “Baby steps.” Watch as Joan gives her forthcoming line a go.