Time has run out, and now Ghost must do the unthinkable if he plans to leave his criminal past behind him, and be the legit club owner he's always wanted. In the Power season two finale titled "Ghost is Dead," Ghost acts as a rogue soldier eliminating anyone that can tie him to his drug-smuggling past.

And while Ghost takes lethal actions to ensure his future and his businesses are secure, Dre sees his mentor in a different, more heinous light, and begins to re-evaluate whether staying loyal to a man who killed his own son, will yield any benefit.

Angela commits the ultimate betrayal against the only one who's ever had her back to keep the man she loves out of prison, while Tommy learns it was Ghost who destroyed his relationship with Holly, bringing their 25 year friendship to an end.

It's an all out war on the season two finale of the STARZ hit show, and it's anyone's guess who comes out alive.

Check out the 15 best lines from episode 10, titled "Ghost is Dead."

1- If you want out, and you want to walk away clean, you've got to cut ties with everyone who knows who you are."-- Proctor.

After Ghost pays his attorney for helping to spring Tommy out of prison, Proctor tells him if he wants to completely be done with the drug business and go legit, the people in his criminal past can't know who he is, a piece of advice Ghost takes to heart.

2 - "Ghost put our family first, T. He and Angela are over. Maybe things can go back to the way they were?"--Tommy

As Tasha cooks breakfast and Tommy eats all the bacon, Tommy reassures Tasha that when it mattered, Ghost put his family first by destroying Angela's career, which gives Tasha hope that the man she fell in love with might have come back to his senses.

3- "That's cold sh*t, K. What you think she 'gon do when she find out you clipped him?" Dre

Dre walks in as Kanaon is on the phone with Shawn's mother and lies about his whereabouts. Surprised at how calm K was knowing he killed his own son, Dre, for the first time, questions Kanon's morals, which results in a chin check of sorts for Dre.

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4- "You had a sexual relationship. You broke things off. You couldn't take no for an answer." -- Mike

After Knox accused and confronted Angela about working with St. Patrick, the two agree to devise a plan and present the evidence to Mike. Still reeling from Ghost's betrayal but also still in love,  Angela instead tells Mike about her relationship with Knox, throwing him under the bus, which results in his suspension.

5-"Is it over between you and Shawn?"-- Ghost

After Tasha hears learns things are over between Ghost and Angela, she goes to the club to ask him if its true, only to learn Ghost is fully aware of her relationship with Shawn.

6-"Take care of yourself, James. It was a pleasure doing business with you both." Madeline Stern

Ghost never gave up on trying to win his club back from the unscrupulous Stern, and after providing evidence to his wife Madeline that proved Stern was embezzling money, the two worked together to get rid of their common enemy. At the divorce proceedings, Madeline purchased all of Stern's clubs, and Ghost then purchased his, along with two more from Madeline, leaving Stern out of clubs to run.

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7- "Ask him about Monica More. -- Holly

While walking his puppy, Tommy runs into Holly. Still seething from what he believed was her betrayal, Holly proves it was Ghost who sent her away and destroyed their relationship, not her.

8 -I'm not taking orders from him anymore. He's f--ked up in the head." Dre.

Dre goes to Ghost in hopes to form an alliance after realizing Kanon will kill anyone--including his own son--just to seek his revenge. Ghost listens, while holding a gun to Dre's head, but he does listen.

9 - Ten years locked up I thought about killing you a hundred different ways." Kanon

The tension that's been bubbling between Kanon and Ghost since Kanon's release from prison has spilled over. As the one time friends turned enemies brawl out in an abandoned building, Kanon puts a bag over Ghost's head, suffocating him and ruthlessly enjoying every minute of it.

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10 -"Put the gun down." Dre

As Tommy confronts Ghost about sending Holly away, he learns Ghost either killed or sent away all the major players in the drug syndicate and made it look like a hit from an opposing side. Tommy, filled with rage puts, a gun to Ghost's head and right before he pulls the trigger, Dre puts a gun to Tommy's, marking the end of their 25 year friendship and the beginning of Dre and Ghosts' alliance.

11 - "If I accept what you are and I love you anyway, what does that make me?"-- Angela

Angela is still torn between doing what's legally and morally right, and what she feels in her heart. She goes to see Ghost in his hotel room and struggles with the very gray area loving Ghost has put her in. She wants to walk away but she can't because despite who Ghost is, she loves him anyway.

12 - "I think you're an amazing lawyer. I must say, I'm impressed. Even I couldn't defend the case you laid out against me." -- Knox.

Knox shows up at Angela's apartment, eyes bloodshot red and filled with anger at her betrayal. She tries to remind him he's only been suspended, and not fired, but the pain from the knife she placed in his back is still very real.

13. "You get your one phone call...jefe." -- Mike

Ghost sent Ruiz to California and killed Drifty and The Serb. He also placed a hit on the biggest fish of them all, Lobos. Despite being stabbed several times and losing a lot of blood, the eccentric drug dealer miraculously survives. Mike walks into the hospital room and gives Lobos a cell phone for his mandated one call and before he leaves refers to the drug lord as jefe, proving Lobos has his hand everywhere.

14 - "But first I need you to do something for me. Kill Ghost." -- Lobos

After parting ways with Ghost and reuniting with Holly, Lobos offers Tommy the keys to his kingdom and asks him if he's willing to be his major distributor. Tommy couldn't be more excited by the new job promotion, but in order to do so, Lobos orders he kill Ghost, or get killed himself.

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15 - "Someone tried to break out." Fire inspector

Moments before Ghost was about to die, he grabbed a piece of glass and stabbed Kanon. As Kanon lay on the ground, Ghost ensures the biggest thorn in his side is taken care of and throws gasoline on him and sets the building on fire. As he walks away, the building in flames, Ghost looks back one last time and believes Kanon is finally dead and gone, only for fans to realize in the last two minutes of the show, he escaped from the fiery building and is very much so alive.