When it comes to keeping up appearances and staying fresh-dressed, West Coast rapper Casey Veggies definitely comes to mind. From his personal clothing line Peas & Carats International to his Brand Ambassador role at PUMA to his forthcoming debut album, Live & Grow, the 22-year-old emcee is impressively tackling all areas of the music and entertainment biz with ease.

So it came as no surprise when popular footwear and apparel brand Footaction teamed up with the rising rapper for a special edition of stoop talk dubbed "Veggie Stoop." If you're a true New Yorker, then you know the stoop is where it all goes down. Whether you're just chilling and taking in the scenery on a warm day or chopping it up with friends about daily gossip, stoop talk is a real way of life.

Press play and watch as Casey Veggies chops it up with Footaction on the "Veggie Stoop" about his new album, personal style and more. (FYI: For those wanting to get Casey's fresh gear, his entire ensemble can be purchased at Fooaction.)