Host of the popular radio show Sway In The Morning and the man behind the now colloquial (and always appropriate How Sway? phrase) Sway Calloway has teamed up with his business partner Kelly Jackson to executive produce a new short film that tackles the cycle of police violence against black men.

Titled The Cycle, directed by Michael Marantz , the film will premiere at the Urban World Film Festival, Friday, September 25. With a run time of just under 12 minutes, the gripping movie shows the community effects of policing and profiling in a community.

"We are talking about the cycle. We are talking about things that happen in the past that keep on happening and why they keep on happening,” says director Michael Marantz. “For me a huge part of that is this emotion and this feeling of fear and what fear compels people to do.”

Watch the trailer for the short film below.