You won't have to leave your gift shopping for the last minute this year. Beats by Dre just launched its newest edition, Solo2 Luxe Edition headphones, and they are showcasing a sleek new look.

The new gadget is offered in four different colors -- sky blue, deep red, black, and silver. All colors will be completed with a candy-paint finish, inspired by race car paint. Aside from the glossy paint and original colors, it wouldn't be true Beats by Dre tech if it wasn't equipped with some perks and features.

The Solo2 Luxe maintains its emphasis on comfort and performance with a flexible headband. The headband is also curved, giving the user a more custom feel. The ear cups, which also have that custom feel, are formed with a premium material that helps minimize "sound leakage".

In terms of the whole experience, the Solo headphones have a "more dynamic, wider ranger of sound, with a clarity that will bring you closer to what the artist intended you to hear." And so you don't miss a single beat, the headphones come with a color-matched RemoteTalk to change the song, adjust the volume and make calls from your phone without removing it from a purse or pocket.

Excellence doesn't come cheap though. The Solo2 Luxe Edition headphones will be sold on for $199.95. It's likely you won't be the only one with these on their Holiday wish list. So act fast and grab you one here.