Bill Cosby continues to find himself in hot water and at this point, it’s beginning to boil over. After countless women came forward to express their sexual assault allegations against The Cosby Show star, another woman has come forward to do the same. A model by the name of Chloe Goins has revealed claims that the actor drugged her at the age of 18, and then continued to sexually assault her at a Playboy Mansion party in 2008.

With this being the most recent incident that Cosby has reportedly been involved in, this could possibly be the tipping point of it all. The case is now in full investigation as Jane Robison, a district attorney out of Los Angeles, confirms that the details of the situation are being carefully looked at. “It is under review by the Sex Crimes division,” she says. Though the laws within the state of California give prosecutors a ten-year time span to bring rape criminal charges to the forefront, which is cut in half for assault allegations that Goins has claimed.

Those who are familiar with the situation have shared details with the LAPD to prove that Cosby wasn’t anywhere near the Los Angeles area the day the incident supposedly occurred, but was instead on the East Coast, according to multiple Cosby reps. This may seem like a little bit of protection for the comedian amidst a turbulent situation, but the Goins case could just add more insult to injury if it is later allowed to be used as evidence in the numerous other Cosby cases that have come forth throughout the past year.