Koopsta Knicca, member of the Academy Award winning rap group, Three 6 Mafia, died late last night, following a major stroke that resulted from a brain aneurysm. He was 40 years old.

On Tuesday, Oct. 6, Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul confirmed the news of Knicca’s aneurysm and hospitalization on Instagram writing, “Dr. said we need a miracle & I believe in those so lets get one for my brother yall!”

Prior to his passing, reports were updated concerning his condition, stating that he was on life support and still breathing. Unfortunately, his condition worsened and he passed three days later. DJ Paul shared the sad news, expressing his grief for his long-time friend. He also revealed that the two had been collaborating on the sequel to Knicca’s solo album, Devil’s Playground 2. "My group member and brother for over 20 years, Robert 'Koopsta Knicca' Phillips passed away today at 12:55 am CST from a major stroke he had sunday after showering," he said in a statement. "He went in peace. Me and Koop had just started writing his new album Devil's Playground 2, the second part to his famous solo album that I produced, but we didnt get a chance to record yet. We had concerts coming up starting next month too. He also just got a home in Vegas that he was moving to on Tuesday, but never got to even see it in person. Everyone who knew Koop knew he was very funny and the coolest guy ever! He will be missed!!! We made classics together that'll live on!!! Mafia 4 Life!!!!" Koopsta Knicca is yet another member to pass from the rap group. Lord Infamous, one of the founding members of the 1991 group and DJ Paul’s brother, passed in his sleep following a heart attack. The rapper was also 40 years old at the time. Former member, Juicy J, also had a hospital scare earlier this year due to a shortness of breath.

The news comes at a bad time for the rap group, who recently reunited in 2013. The group was best known for “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp,” the 2006 single from the film Hustle & Flow, which won them an Academy Award and marked them in history as the first hip-hop group to perform at the ceremony. Following their split in 2009, DJ Paul, Crunchy Black, Gangsta Boo, and Knicca reunited in 2013 earlier and released their first mixtape, 6ix Commandements in November of 2013. The mixtape had a number of notable collaborations and featured the hit single, “Go Hard.” The mixtape also earned the rappers a number 34 seat on the US Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums cart.

Many fans took to Twitter, expressing their grief for Knicca’s passing. Gangsta Boo also tweeted, writing “Rest well Koopsta… it was one helluva journey” and “Koopsta gave me the famous line: ‘mask to my f**king face in feening to increase my high.” As the news travels, more fans and friends are likely to express their condolences.