Just in time for Adele's 25 album release, Dawn Richard celebrates the British singer's comeback with a unique cover of her leading single, "Hello."

The world has gotten quite a lot of covers of the single since its release earlier this month, including some beautifully renditioned versions performed by Demi Lovato and Joe. Now Dawn is trying to add her version to the mix.

Venturing away from the original and even previous covers, the former Danity Kane singer puts a major twist on the track. On her version, she accompanies the same somber lyrics with a an exotic and high energy beat, along with a couple of added instruments. Once a single recalling the regret and shame of breaking someone's heart, Dawn transforms it into a rapid-paced song expressing her indifference to cutting her past lover off.

In addition to the single, Dawn releases artwork of her posing with an elaborate head piece and outfit amongst some greenery. After listening to the single, it's clear to see how the cover image perfectly matches the tone of her version.

Take a listen to Dawn Richard's cover of "Hello" below.