In Rolling Stone’s latest and final segment of their ‘The Die Hards’ series, Brooklyn’s very own Fabolous is the “it-guy” of the recent episode that bridges the topics of sports and music together. The Bedford-Stuyvesant born and bred emcee talked about his favorite NBA team, obviously being the hometown Brooklyn Nets and the feeling of having a team represent a place so near and dear to him.

"Just seeing the words 'Brooklyn' on the jersey, the people there in the stands, the people of Brooklyn, and the people working there – I've seen people I grew up with working in the stadium – it's dope they kept it in the community," Fabolous tells Rolling Stone. "There's a chant I started on a song, maybe in '04, it goes 'Brook-lyn! Brook-lyn!' and they actually use that chant to rile the crowd up. It's really dope to hear that."

You might have caught Fab in some of the dopest basketball jerseys that come one in a million and he paid homage to the legends in the game of basketball that brought a significant culture to the sport. "Basketball has a culture to it, it has a swagger to it. Michael Jordan broke the mold of the Magic Johnson/Larry Bird era – he came in and he had a gold chain, he wore longer shorts and his sneakers were a different style." He even shared the moments of closeness with Stephon Marbury. "A lot of streetball guys started being able to navigate their way to the NBA, too. Stephon Marbury actually played at my housing project, so it's a deeper connection.”

There’s no doubt about it that seeing guys ball hard, day in and day out exemplifies their passion for something they love and Fabolous would be the first to agree. "There's an art to basketball; there's a passion to it," he adds. "I relate it to everything I'm doing; I'm a student of hip-hop. Every day you learn something and you want to teach it to somebody else. Keep everybody learning."