Anyone with the ability to hear has been patiently counting down the days until the release of Adele's third LP 25.  The UK singer-scribe has unknowingly placed people back in their feelings, and become the impetus for many "Hey stranger" text messages sent to ex guys and gals worldwide, which is fine, because it's Adele.

Late Thursday evening (November 5) R&B crooner Joe decided to remind folks of his vocal prowess and musicianship when he debuted a cover to Adele's "Hello." The black-and-white video opens with Joe behind a grand piano. As he passionately belts out Adele's now famous lyrics, shots of his accolades, the plaque from 1999's The Wood  soundtrack as well as his own records grace the wall.

Tackling an Adele record is no easy feet and the unspoken rule is only real sangers should attempt to put their spin on any of her records, hence Aretha Franklin's rendition of "Rolling In The Deep."

Spin Joe's cover of "Hello" and sound off in the comments. Did Joe do Adele justice, or should he have just left it alone?