90's babies and fans got a little blast from the past when "VH1's Big Music In 2015: You Oughta Know" concert went down earlier this week. Major acts and current artists like Hozier took the stage, but it was really when Mel B partnered with Salt-N-Pepa that caught the audience's attention and enthusiasm.

Mel B, a.k.a. Scary Spice from the pop group Spice Girls, was the host of the evening and revealed that she had a special surprise in store for later in the night. And she definitely had a shocker. The former Spice girl concluded her quick speech by prompting the show to get back to the music, and in that moment, Salt-N-Pepa's hit single, "Push It" played, signaling the duo's entrance.

Mel B stayed on stage with the two, joining in on some choreography. After singing through the chorus, the song quickly switched up to the Spice Girls' friendship anthem, "Wannabe," where the trio joined in singing.

The mash-up didn't last long, but it definitely brought back some good feelings and memories. Check out Mel B, Salt, and Pepa combining their chart-topping songs below.