Being the son of rap mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs can seem like a tough task, but 22-year-old Justin Combs takes it all in strides.

On the heels of graduating from UCLA, the 22-year-old is following in his father's entrepreneurial spirit with his own, first public venture, TONITE. Conceptualized with fellow student-athlete Kene Orijoke, TONITE will operate as a "full service entertainment company, specializing in event hosting, real estate development, music management, and technology."

While the overall goals of the venture targeted at the 21-28-year-old demographic are vague, Orjioke, who will run all business components and conceptualize growth strategies says, "We're starting off with events then plan on scaling off the experience we curate. These events will be available primarily through invite. Each event will be unique, offering a different experience (theme), performance, and feel (venue) from the last." TONITE will also include a charity component with "a percent of all quarter revenue will be reinvested into different philanthropies that progress lower socioeconomic communities through educational resources or drive awareness to breast cancer."

Combs will fuel the venture by using his own personal network and influences in hopes of boosting the brand's quality, reach and power. "I actually turn 22 today so being able to share today is awesome," he tells VIBE. "I’m ecstatic about what I envision this brand becoming in the next three to five years. It will be a lot more than just events but we want everything to stem off what people feel when they think of TONITE, so events were the most appropriate start point. We have a lot of things in motion that we can’t really speak on right now, but we’re excited to let them slowly unfold."

TONITE is slated for a February launch in their flagship city of Los Angeles with the hopes of expanding to New York City after their first calendar year. Toast to these young men!