"Courage is grace under pressure—this is what Pia showed in the middle of the confusion and controversy that marked her coronation as the new Miss Universe," said renowned-Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao on Filipino beauty queen Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, who after a confusing blunder, was crowned 2015's Miss Universe this past Sunday (Dec. 20).

However, no one expected the fighter to connect Wurtzbach's win to his unanimous decision loss against USA boxer and Money Team leader, Floyd Mayweather.

He told Philstar that Wurtzbach promised those from her native country that she was going to try and avenge Pac-Man after his Las Vegas defeat earlier this year by winning the competition, and she kept good on her alleged promise.

"Remember, when I lost to Floyd last May, she made a promise to all of us Filipinos that she will avenge that defeat come the Miss Universe pageant, which she just has fulfilled," he said. He plans to use Pia's win as self-motivation in the future.

"I intend to use [that] as an inspiration and additional motivation for me in my next fight."

Oddly enough, Pacquiao is no stranger to the pageant world. He served as a judge at the 2014 Miss Universe ceremony, and asked Miss USA about her stance on global terrorism during the question-and-answer portion.

Let's hope that Pacquiao can return the favor and keep Pia's spirit alive when he returns to the ring in April 2016 for one of his final fights.