Despite an appeal, Odell Beckham Jr. will not take the field at the U.S. Bank Stadium for the New York Giants' game against the Minnesota Vikings on Dec. 27, ESPN reports.

The news arrives after the NFL suspended the Giants wide receiver for unnecessary roughness with Carolina Panthers cornerback Josh Norman on Sunday (Dec. 20). Beckham was flagged three times for his on-field conduct, which prompted the NFL's president of football operations, Merton Hanks, to share the statement, "Acts that jeopardize the safety of players or expose them to unnecessary risk cannot be tolerated."

Beckham revealed that he appealed the league's suspension, and apologized for his "actions on Sunday. I work hard to be great and accepting the Blessing of having the physical skills to play at this level brings the responsibility to conduct myself in a certain way on and off the field." The appeal was later denied, and prohibits Beckham from practicing and taking the field with his team, who stand at third place in the NFC East.

The 23-year-old pro-athlete unveiled another statement on the matter, taking more responsibility for how his actions might've influenced his younger fans.

"A lot of kids look up to me as a role model. That is a responsibility I accept and take seriously," he said. "Many of the parents of those kids have asked since Sunday what they should say to their children about my conduct. I don't have the perfect answer, but I think one thing they can say is how I handled myself the other day is an example of how not to conduct yourself. I displayed poor sportsmanship. And those parents can also say that when you act like that, there are consequences. And I hope to be an example of somebody who did something wrong and learned from it."

Read the entire statement below.