Some of our favorite ladies in the limelight have been putting matte lipsticks on the beauty map and we've been loving every look paparazzi snaps.

Curious to try the trend out for ourself, we gave Adore Collection's new lipstick, which features six matte lip shades (XOXO, Classy,Vintage Love, Adore, Fancy & Lovesick) made with antioxidant vitamin E and vanilla extract, a try.  Continue scrolling to see what writer J'na had to say about her experience.

Vixen says:

J'na Jefferson, Contributing Writer.
The ease of the applying 'I Adore' lipstick was something that I really liked. It went on and came off very smoothly, and unlike other matte lipsticks I've tried, it didn't feel chalky when I put it on. However, if you're not into extremely bold lipstick shades, you should opt for the darker colors in the collection. I tried XOXO, and although my skin tone is a little lighter at this time of year, the eye-popping pink was still a lot for me to handle.