In November 2015, Lil Boosie revealed that he was battling kidney cancer. Asking for prayers and support from friends and fans, the Baton Rouge native proceeded to get surgery on the affected organ, leading doctors to remove half of his kidney during the process.

Now, the "All I Know" rapper is still on the road to recovery, and updated fans on his health journey. In an interview with XXL, Boosie said he's been in rehab for a month, but revealed he's never felt better health-wise.

"I got a trainer, trying to get my weight back. I had lost 42 pounds, so right now I’m just working to get all the way back healthy," he said. "Right now, I’m healthier than I ever been. I’m back doing shows. I have more wind now than I had doing shows before I had cancer. So I’m in a good point in my life. I’m cancer-free."

Late last year, Boosie also got wind of a few comments made about the validity of his surgery. He took to Instagram to shutdown those rumors, even posting an image of the scar.

"I'm tired of these stupid mothafu**as saying I ain't have cancer sending me DMs asking why am I lying saying I had cancer/ who wants to fake or lie about something like that not me, not a real one," he wrote.

In January, Boosie returned to the music realm with his project, In My Feelings (Goin 'Thru It). On why he decided to release the project so soon after his recovery, Boosie told the site, "I was back, I was ready to talk this gangsta sh*t. It felt like I got stronger from this album."