Suge Knight's jail stint is about to become even more unbearable. The former music mogul has lost phone and visitation privileges at the request of the sheriff's investigators, the Los Angeles Times reports. Knight has pleaded guilty and is being held on $10 million bail for running over two men outside of a burger stand in Compton, Calif. in 2015, where one of the men was killed.

There are no reports as to what prompted the communication ban. Court records show the sheriff's request to restrict some of Knight's jail privileges were received a week earlier, and a different judge was asked to handle the case after Judge Ronald Coen asked. Coen is handling separate murder and robbery cases against Knight.

Billboard reports that Knight has received visits in the past from "his parents, seven of his children, two spiritual advisers, 11 attorneys, a bail bond agent and any notary public." He is due back in court on Feb. 22, and if convicted, could face a life sentence due to prior convictions for armed robbery and assault with a gun.