Days ahead of this year's Oscars, Three 6 Mafia founding member DJ Paul recounts the evening he and his crew were nominated for an Academy Award with "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp," becoming the first hip-hop group to take home the highly coveted golden man.

Paul's vivid account details the significant moments of that surreal night, from the stage to the afterparty. Although the fellas got to experience the high of a lifetime and take home one of the most prestigious accolades in Hollywood, their momentous day was not without a few misadventures. Not only were Three 6 Mafia rejected from Prince's Oscars party, but Paul underwent an incredibly awkward and disheartening encounter with his movie crush, Salma Hayek.

"You know your brothers and sisters are dying over in Africa," said Hayek upon running into the Tennessee native, "because of all this jewelry you're wearing."

Whoa. Even if Hayek's comment held some validity, how is that your opening statement to someone you've never met? Hell, that's probably not how you start such a conversation with a close friend, much less someone you don't really know. It's just plain rude, right?

Paul ultimately brushed it off with a "nice to meet you" and walked away. Shortly thereafter, the producer was met with a mean scowl from Carla Gugino, who barked at him for "slamming the door" in her face. "I was too busy trying to hold my Oscar and not let it fall or bump into nothing," he wrote on The Hollywood Reporter, explaining that he was worried he'd scuff the award a second time. Yikes.

At least he has the co-sign of a lifetime and the accolade to show for it (relive it with the video clip below). Catch the 2016 Oscars live, this Sunday (Feb. 28) on ABC. That is, of course, if you're not boycotting.