Academy-Award winner Halle Berry leads a private life. If she's not promoting a new film, you kind of don't hear about her. Well, it appears as if the 49-year-old has decided to spice things up a bit and let her fans in on her comings and goings because she's joined Instagram.

That's right, Halle Berry AKA the world's most formidable winner of all genetic contests is now on the Gram. With nearly 120,000 followers, Ms. Berry's first post is topless yes, but tasteful and sexy.

"I'm looking forward to sharing our world through images that reflect my emotions and perceptions," Berry wrote. But the fun didn't stop there. Obviously living on the edge, Berry then created a Twitter account as well.

We don't suspect the seasoned Hollywood actress to be super active on social media, but just knowing she's there does classy the joint up a bit. Twitter and Instagram? In one day? Check you out, Ms. Berry. None the less, welcome.