If you've been haphazardly avoiding headlines or videos pertaining to Donald Trump as of late, you may have missed one of the best anti-Trump videos, courtesy of Last Week Tonight's host John Oliver.

In the video, the comedian slams Trump for almost 22-straight minutes. Many of the points had backup, but most of it was just awesome and funny. In the last few minutes, Oliver notes that Trump's real last name is "Drumpf," and was changed to Trump several centuries ago according to a biographer.

In an effort to separate the media machine from the person, Oliver said that he was going to begin selling hats with the slogan "Make Donald Drumpf Again." He pointed out during a Monday night (Mar. 14) visit to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert that the hats are selling like hot cakes.

"What's funnier than not making any money on an unexpected inexplicable hit?" he told the host of the accessory. Apparently, 35,000 hats have been sold thus far, and a very famous person is interested in having one as well.

"Apparently Jay Z's people called HBO asking for a hat," he said to Colbert. However, he won't be getting the nearly sold-out hat for free.

"Buy the hat, Jay Z...Spring for a hat, let it trickle down." The two also joked that if Jigga and his wife Beyonce wore the hats in public, they're going to have to overload the hat-creating process.

"If he puts that on his head in public, you're going to need more hats." he said. "If his wife puts it on in public, we are no longer a TV show, we are a hat manufacturing company."

Check out the conversation below.