Katt Williams has been in the news for a few outlandish instances recently, one being a police raid where authorities found the longtime comedian covered from head to toe in chocolate. But one occurrence had social media in a frenzy after a video surfaced of Williams engaging in a physical match with a teenager.

While playing what seemed to be a harmless game of soccer in Gainesville, Ga., Williams, 44, and 17-year-old Luke Wash exchanged a few words that led to an immediate punch from Williams, which then prompted Wash to place the actor in a chokehold. Williams later shared his side of the story during a stand-up appearance at the Barclays Center, while Wash went to media outlets to give his recollection of the event.

Now, the law has stepped in and decided to charge both Williams and Wash for disorderly conduct, USA Today reports. "It's my understanding that Wash is in custody at the jail and we have made contact with Williams' attorney and it is our hopes and our understanding that he will be turning himself in," said Gainesville Police Sgt. Kevin Holbrook.

The site also reports that Williams was participating in community service during the time of the incident.

Developments are still forthcoming.

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: Getty Images/Screenshot