Troubled comedian Katt Williams had a rough week last week after footage surfaced of him being placed in a headlock by 17 year old Luke Walsh after a soccer game. In true Internet fashion, Williams' name began to trend on Twitter for reasons no person's should be trending, and Power 105.1's Charlamgne Tha God had no choice but to give the 42-year-old the "honor" of being "Donkey of The Day."

Well it appears as if after Williams ended the fight he started with his swift jab to the 17 year old's jaw, he supposedly wanted a rematch. According to The New York Daily News, Walsh's uncle said Williams wanted to square off with the teen once again.

"My nephew told me after the altercation happened, Katt Williams went on Instagram and he told Luke to meet at the same spot so they can fight again," Cedric Wash said.

Walsh who has seen the video several times claims he had to calm his own nerves to avoid making any rash decisions.

"I was like, wow, that's him," he said. "Why is my nephew in a grown man's face. I wanted to take matters into my own hands, that's what families do. I had to tell myself not to be irrational. Let the police handle the situation."

The fight took place at a subsidized apartment in Gainsville on Tuesday (March 22) Sgt. Kevin Holbrook of the Gainesville Police Department said. The sergeant also said they've encountered many incidents with Williams in the past few weeks.

A re-match though? C'mon Katt.