There's always SXSW moments like this.

Apparently, Vince Staples was not happy about performing at the Spotify House at SXSW. At this year's SXSW , the Long Beach, Calif. native hit the stage to perform for an unapologetic set at the music streaming service's party in Austin, TX.

“I know you’re all at SXSW like, ‘Let’s watch the black people rap,'” he said. After the predominately white crowd cheered, he slyly responded, “It’s almost like a real show.”

After he claimed he wasn't "the most polite person on stage," Staples focused his real anger towards the host of the party.

"Thank you for giving me this check to make up for what you've done to me and all my musical friends," Staples sarcastically told the crowd, "listen to your favorite album 1,000, 2,000 times so everybody can get an album sale."

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Staples isn't the only rapper that's got something against Spotify. One year after pulling Reasonable Doubt, Jay Z recently removed the entire Blueprint series from their library.

The Summertime '06 lyricist won't be doing any Spotify events in the future. Shortly after he left the stage, Staples ended his tirade on Twitter with one last shot.