Suge Knight's tale just gets stranger and stranger. His lawyer Thaddeus Culpepper filed a motion on Friday (Apr. 1) claiming that Knight's former business partner Dr. Dre tried to have the Death Row Records mogul killed at a Los Angeles club, and that the cops knew all about it and covered it up.

The Daily Beast reports "Knight claims that on the night of August 24, 2014, Sheriff’s Deputy Henry Boyd was working at the nightclub 1 Oak in West Hollywood, Calif. It was a pre-MTV Video Music Awards party hosted by Chris Brown, and according to the docs filed by Knight’s attorney, there is surveillance footage showing Deputy Boyd allowing the alleged gunman into the club right before Knight was shot six times."

Allegedly, the shooter confessed to being paid $50,000 by Dr. Dre to whack the embattled 50-year-old, and not only did the LAPD “inexplicably release the shooter from custody,” but Culpepper says that there is video that shows Deputy Boyd helping the gunman out.

Knight plead not guilty to all charges in a deadly hit-and-run case, and currently faces up to 30 years behind bars for a robbery charge due to a prior conviction of deadly assault with a weapon. If he's convicted of second-degree murder, he faces life behind bars.