Car chases are nothing new, but one particular pursuit involving a Ford Mustang sent police and social media in a frenzy.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the incident happened Thursday afternoon when California Highway Patrol pursued two burglary suspects just after 2 p.m. The chase made a turn for the strange as the suspects pulled off 'donuts,' dance moves and fist pumps on the highway. Officers even temporarily suspended the chase due to weather and the safety of other drivers.


After leaving the Cerritos area, the chase led police to Los Angeles' biggest areas downtown L.A. and Hollywood. Suspects hit, at least, one vehicle while evading the police. After the guys played back and forth through Hollywood Hills, the suspects landed next to a TMZ tour bus, which appeared to trap them.

Not surprisingly, TMZ reached out to the driver who said he was unaware of the chase. "We've spoken to the driver ... who says he never even saw the chase coming behind him," the site confirmed. "He was innocently changing lanes, and ended up cutting off the suspects."

Spectators also got in on the oddly weird fun by cheering the suspects on. There were also jokes because, Twitter.

Since all good things come to an end, the suspects pulled into a South Los Angeles neighborhood and took pictures with friends and spectators until police arrived. Hugs were also given during the incident before the fellas hoped on top of the car to wait for police.

Officers had weapons drawn, but the suspects suspended without incident.

Police haven't confirmed the identities of the men, but we can tell they reside from the school of YOLO.