You've heard the name... but what does it mean?

NBA star Nick Young has teased the possibility of his book that will carry on the legacy of "Swaggy P." Amongst helpful chapters on topics like scoring points wit the ladies and swagging out on social media, Young is very confident his book would sell millions of copies if it includes a thorough explanation of the real meaning behind his well-known nickname.

While we wait for him to start writing his self-help manual, the celebrated shooting guard/forward decided to allow Footaction to try and solve the notorious mystery behind the "P" in his everlasting moniker.

"I feel good man. The concept they came up with, I thought was pretty dope," Young told VIBE. "Footaction is going in a new direction. They’re bringing me clothes. and I’m like ‘They got this at Footaction???’ They’re trying to step it up. They’re on a new wave."

Footaction's goal is to break into the mind of "Swaggy P" to try and dig up the true origin of his nickname. Although he claims God gave him the idea in a dream, Young goes back into time to show us the numerous ways he could've earned the name. While fans try and solve the mystery, Young is busy trying to keep his other secret under wraps.

The Los Angeles native wants to keep his plans for his new sneaker line with adidas on the low until after the summer. Months after signing a multi-year deal, Young says he's currently in the lab cooking up his ideal sneaker, which may or may not be inspired by Kanye West's "Yeezy Boosts 750." However, we won't see his final product until next year.

"We’re trying to work up something magical," Young said. "Shoes will be dropping, but next year. I’m waiting for after summertime. So this is just the set-up for more to come."

Young's hectic schedule for the year is already stacked between developing his new sneaker line and maintaining his bustling NBA career. On top of his overwhelming endeavors, Swaggy P also pledges to do everything possible to support his fiancé Iggy Azalea's forthcoming release Digital Distortion coming in April -- as well as help plan their upcoming wedding.

We got to catch up with Nick Young to talk about his future ventures with Footaction, what he thinks of Iggy's new musical direction, and how he feels about Kobe Bryant's retirement. Swaggy P also shares his thoughts on his infamous meme -- and reveals which artists he would gather together for his own mixtape.

VIBE: How do you feel about Footaction trying to figure out the meaning of "Swaggy P"?
Footaction is trying to get into my head and into my thoughts to figure out the meaning but it’s going to take a little more time (laughs).

People have been trying to figure out the meaning of the “P” in your name for years. You even told NBA Gametime that you may want to write a book about it.
(Laughs) Yea, you know. I think I may need to write a book. I think it would sell too. It could be a #1 seller. ‘The Mystery of the P: Swaggy P’

Aside from that, what else would you include in that book?
For the book? Oh, you know… how to pick up girls, how to be fly. The levels of swagness… (laughs) a whole bunch of stuff that can help you in life. How to swag out you social media.

True, I’m sure by now you must have seen every exaggeration of your meme all over the Internet. What are your final thoughts about it?
I don’t know how they keep thinking of things to add to it. But it’s cool. I even use it. I just didn’t think it would take off.

It must be a rough season with the departure of Kobe Bryant. As his teammate, how do you feel about Black Mamba leaving the Lakers?
Aw man, when we’re on the road and they play those farewell videos, it’s just sad. When I see all those old clips and all that, I be getting sentimental, everybody gets all sentimental. But he’s a legend. He’s been doing this for 20 years. Just killing it and giving out buckets left and right. He deserves all of it.

What’s your most memorable moment with Kobe on the court?
It would probably be taking a game-winning shot with Kobe still on the court, and making it when the game is on the line and there’s 7 seconds left. He ended up passing it and I shot the ball. I thought that was pretty dope.

I know you are getting hounded about it, but how are your wedding plans with Iggy Azalea coming?
It’s coming along. I’m excited. It’s whatever she wants to do pretty much. But yea we’re taking our time. She’s got the album coming out in April.

What are your thoughts the new direction of her music career since she moved on from T.I.'s imprint?
I think it’s good. I think she needs to do her own thing. I’ve heard a couple of her new songs and they’re good. There are a couple fire tracks on it. You’ll be surprised.”

If you were to drop your own mixtape, who would you have on it?
Man, it would be some DJ Khaled stuff. I’d have Kanye on the track, YG, Kendrick [Lamar]. You gotta have Lil B on it. Now I’m thinking about coming out with a mixtape man. (Laughs)

What are your thoughts about Lil B’s “curse” in sports?
I mean, it’s kind of true. It’s like… Look at Houston right now. (Laughs) Y’all better be nice to Lil B man. They better be nice to him. That’s the BASEDGOD.