Rising rapper Chinx was fatally gunned down in Queens, New York a year ago, sending shockwaves through the city on yet another senseless act of violence. No arrests have been made in the "Feelings" rapper's death, but an investigation is still underway.

An intimate memorial service was held earlier this week where FOX 5's Lisa Evers approached Chinx's mother, Veronica Clinton, to uncover her thoughts on the mystery surrounding her son's passing. Clinton shared that Diddy and Chinx's confidant, French Montana, might have the answers in figuring out why her son was a target on that fatal night.

"They ain't said nothing to me since my child been dead," she said. "Even when my child was dead they didn't say nothing to me."

During Chinx's funeral service, Clinton recalled a brief talk with French. She asked him, "why did y'all do that to my child?" to which French reportedly responded, "because he wouldn't listen." Clinton then ended the conversation by stating, "you're not his father, but I am his mother."

Watch the full interview below.