DJ GENIUS is making "movies" in Atlanta with a few of the South's rising stars. The booming DJ and artist, who grew up outside Negril before migrating to East Atlanta, says the new version of his track "Movie 2.0" better suits his musical palate. Since he was happy with the way "Movie 1.0" turned out, GENIUS went back in the studio to reconstruct the record.

"I had a session with the original producer Flair Fifth and brought in Beat Attikz to help with the drum arrangements," GENIUS told VIBE. "We ended up changing the beat so much I decided to redo the hook, it gave the record a new feel so we decided to make it "Movie 2.0."

To make the tracks even more interesting, GENIUS tapped fellow ATLiens Que and K. Camp to jump on with some of their own verses. GENIUS revealed he picked Que for the record because "he understood the lifestyle we was living." In addition, he mentioned why he chose K. Camp for the track and what their chemistry is like during their studio sessions.

"I'll start writing a hook then go lay down a few ideas," said GENIUS. "Camp will just go in the booth lay down some crazy dope shit outta nowhere, haha, then we just see what works with the record. If Camp is fucking with something he hears he will start engineering and chopping and cutting shit. he has a lot of experience in building a record so working with Camp is a learning experience every time we in the lab."

Their new song is set to appear on the fifth installment of his Slumchat mixtape series as well as GENIUS’ forthcoming album A Eastside Story: Deluxe Edition. Listen to the world premiere of "Movie 2.0" below.