Whatever you do Sunday morning, be sure you're home in time to watch the Starz addictive original drama Power, as the show is now moving to Sunday nights. The 10 episode hour-long drama created by writer and show runner Courtney A. Kemp, will premier Sunday, July 17.

While the new time slot may prove as the last minute turn up before the dreaded work week begins (and provide ample conversation around the work cooler) the new trailer gives viewers the same blood thirsty, vengeful, sexy, betrayal fans have grown to love.

In the new trailer, Ghost--or the artist formally known as--is seen enjoying the fruits of last season's murderous rampage. However, true to the old adage, whatever goes around comes around, and Ghost must now look over his shoulder for enemies wanting his head on a platter from all front.

While Tommy, under strict orders from Lobos, must kill his one time brother in arms or he himself be killed, fans receive visual proof that Kanon's hate for Ghost can save him even from hell fire itself. Guns with silencers, bags placed over people's heads before being thrown over a bridge, sharp knives and other such harmful objects...ah! It's a jolly good time.

Check out the new trailer for Power season 3.