Gentrification isn't just plaguing New York's most culturally significant neighborhoods – South Bronx, Uptown, Bedstuy – it's also troubling barrios across the nation, namely the Los Angeles neighborhood of Boyle Heights.

An upcoming America Ferrera-backed web series strives to confront the transformation and housing crisis happening in a neighborhood home to many old-school business owners, as well as "young Latinxs with bi-cultural tastes, hustling to create spaces in their community that celebrate their Chicanx identities."


"Each episode is seen through the point of view of a different character and explores the complications that arise around gente seeking to improve and preserve their community.  Complications that are rewarding in some situations and corrosive in others arise," says a press release about the dramatic comedy that follows seven characters. "Gente-fied is both subversive and hilarious and an explosion of fusion tacos, LGBTQ raza, micheladas, defiant murals, generational clashes and more as the characters fight to stay rooted in their changing community."

Get a first look at the Macro-produced series: