It has been reported that on Friday (June 3), Chicago's Independent Police Review Authority released hundreds of videos to the public in which officers fired weapons or used force of any kind against civilians. Mayor Rahm Emmanuel has said that the city must release videos that depict officer-involved shootings or other forms of misconduct within 60 t0 90 days.

"The policy we are implementing today is a major step forward to promote transparency, and it makes us one of the leading cities in America to guarantee timely public access to this breadth of information involving sensitive police incidents," Emmanuel said in a statement released Friday (June 3).

The released recordings have been collected from police dashboard cameras, business surveillance cameras and the cellphones of bystanders.

The Chicago chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police has released a statement in which they regard the release as "irresponsible" and chastise the city for not notifying them in a more timely manner, citing concerns about the privacy of members of the union.